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Carbon Bamboo Chicken Mud Slide Island Tree Group Research Laboratory

Building a Sustainable Tomorrow!

Dear Earthlings,

Welcome to join the Mudslide Island Restoration Project!

Smart recycling machine
pet plastic bottle
Carbon Bamboo Chicken

The bottle mouth faces inwards!

Discharge the batteries one by one!

City Alchemy Box

​Operational statistics

User icon


Number of users

Plastic bottle icon

50000 +

PET bottle recycling volume

Battery Icon

55000 +

Battery recycling volume


AI Smart Recycling Machine
No. 001 Chicken Machinery Box

After the team led by Porolu discovered the problem of carbon emissions on Earth, they developed the "City Chicken Machine Box" to help the carbon bamboo chickens on Earth to cooperate smoothly with the people on Earth.

You just need to follow the process and put in the used batteries and plastic bottles to get the gold coins from Mudslide Island.

Carbon members are recruiting!

Carbon Bamboo Chicken Polulu

Mudslide Island Restoration Project Activity is now online!


Carbon Bamboo Chicken App Exchange Gifts

Exchange gifts

All carbon members who complete the recycling of plastic bottles or batteries in this repair activity and click on the APP to give back can redeem coffee pick-up coupons and other gifts from major brands in the Carbon Bamboo Chicken APP points page-activity/lucky draw area!

Carbon Bamboo Chicken App Win a Gift

Draw a big gift

Carbon members who participate in the restoration plan can also redeem limited-time lottery tickets at recycling collection points and earn extra points by recycling more resources. Go to the lottery area now to check it out!

Carbon Bamboo Chicken APP City Treasure Hunt Challenge

Carbon Bamboo Chicken app icon



app store
recycle punk appmap

Find the nearest

Recycle Bin

Carbon Bamboo Chicken App Points Rebate

Member Phone

Quickly accumulate rewards

Carbon Bamboo Chicken App Environmental Protection History

Environmental Action

Green Challenge

Recycling Alchemy Items

PET bottles

PET No. 1

pet bottle


No. 1, No. 2, No. 3, No. 4, 9V

Battery Icon



Dear citizens

Thank you for your efforts to reduce the earth's carbon emissions. Mudslide Island provides the following feedback methods, you can choose according to your needs!

Cash Rebate for Card

5 units 1 yuan

One Card Icon
Five bottles for one yuanicon

APP Points Rewards

1 unit 10 points carbon gold

App Feedback
10 points per bottle

Recycling Notes


Recycling symbol

Recycling symbol

When you see such a recycling symbol on a plastic bottle, you can put the recyclables into the designated input port so that they can be properly handled to reduce the impact on the environment.

Instant Recycling

Collection Icon

Avoid long-term storage of plastic bottles and recycle them as soon as possible. Long-term exposure to sunlight may degrade the quality of plastic and affect the quality of recycled products.

Really clean

Really clean

Before you put your PET bottles in for recycling, make sure they are clean and empty of liquid to help ensure a smooth recycling process and have a positive impact on the environment.

Encourage friends to get involved

Carbon Bamboo Chicken App

Encouraging recycling is a positive environmental action that is important for protecting the planet and reducing the impact of plastic waste! Invite your friends to join us!


Latest Location


Zhubei Library Recycling Machine

Zhubei Municipal Library

No. 30, Fude Street, Zhubei City, Hsinchu County

Zhubei Renyi Public Market Recycling Machine

Zhubei City Renyi Public Retail Market

No. 129, Renyi Road, Zhubei City, Hsinchu County


Fengshan RT-Mart

2F, No. 59, Wenhua Road, Fengshan District, Kaohsiung City

Recycling Machine Base


Recycling Machine Location Map

Zhubei City Office

Zhubei Municipal Library

Zhuren Parking Lot

Zhubei Renyi Public Market

Cultural Park

(Bamboo Shoot Park)

Zhubei Cleaning Team

Zhongxingli Meeting House

Aikouli Assembly Hall


Operating Instructions

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