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Negative carbon technology, environmental integration, sustainable future

Leading the Green Future, Reshaping Environmental Value

With our expertise in optics, we have created an advanced smart recycling system that reflects our focus on sustainable development of the circular economy and social responsibility.

Circular Economy Equipment Development Services

Reverse Vending Machine

AI Smart Recycling Machine

Smart recycling machine


AI optical recognition system

Material determination without manual sorting


Crushing storage design

Maximize space utilization

AIoT icon

AIoT Database

Dedicated monitoring background

api icon

API Connection

First-of-its-kind tandem service


BUENO PARTNERS Circular Economy Solutions
Minimize energy and water consumption in the regeneration process

Ship to recyclingicon

Smart recycling machine fixed-point recycling

Transport to recycling plant

Plastic debrisicon


Gravity sorting

Cleaning and bagging

Recycling Factoryicon


Recycled materials


Circular Economy Recycling System


Special inspection

Regular inspection and monitoring of equipment is carried out to ensure its normal operation, safety and efficiency. Inspectors will clean the equipment and take appropriate maintenance measures to prevent potential failures and accidents, increase the service life of the equipment, and ensure the safety and efficiency of the working environment.


Removal service

Use energy-efficient transportation to reduce carbon emissions and protect the environment, and provide a transparent tracking system to let customers know where recyclables go and how they are reused.


Recycled product design and production

The team uses recycled resources and materials to creatively design and manufacture environmentally friendly products, turning waste into valuable products while reducing the demand for virgin resources and bringing a positive impact to the environment.



Circular Economy Model

Recycling machine management and maintenance Low-carbon behavior platform management Proper management of renewable resources

Green Field Green Brand
SDGs Sustainable Development Goals

Circular Economy Model

Net Zero Carbon Emissions




BUENO and Quanfeng

Recycling Machine

System Development


Green Field

Green Consumption

Carbon reduction equipment development
​Customized Planning


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Since 2017, Hequanfeng Optoelectronics has been adhering to the core concept of the industrial innovation plan, using professional optical technology to develop the world's first environmentally friendly technology smart recycling machine , which completely changes the way society handles garbage.

With expertise in the field of optics, we have created an advanced smart recycling system that reflects our emphasis on the sustainable development of the circular economy and social responsibility.

We are committed to practicing and promoting the principles of recycling and reuse to create a better and more sustainable future for the world.

The BUENO PARTNERS circular economy team uses machine vision combined with artificial intelligence (AI) image deep learning automatic recognition algorithms. Through a patented neural network with self-learning capabilities, it automatically identifies the objects to be tested, automatically classifies, and counts them, strengthening the recycling system, enhancing front-end classification and recycling effectiveness, and upgrading recycling and reuse; QR code scanners and ticket printing devices combined with feedback mechanisms provide economic incentives to stimulate material recycling and the promotion of circular economy. Combined with the establishment of a cloud IoT database, it can help companies build a monitoring background to facilitate the analysis and management of usage data and benefits.

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