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Recycling Machine Operating Instructions

1. To activate the device, please click the "Start" button on the screen.

2. Select the recyclables to be put in: 'PET bottle' or 'battery'

3. Place the selected items into the lighted delivery slot

4. Please put in one unit of materials at a time and wait until the light comes on before putting in.


* Make sure the PET bottle is clean, free of liquid or foreign matter, and in good shape; insert the bottle mouth inwards to ensure that the PET bottle enters the device in the correct position.

* Make sure the batteries are clean and free of leakage and rust. Put the batteries in one at a time and wait until the light comes on before putting them in again!

5. After completing the delivery, please click "Done" to proceed with the feedback settlement.

Feedback Instructions

After submitting, you can select the desired feedback method on the screen:

Currently we provide "Cash Rebate for One Card" and "Carbon Bamboo Chicken APP Point Rebate", you can choose according to your needs!

Cash back: 5 units of collected goods\ 1 yuan/

Points reward: 1 unit of income\ 10 points/


* The unit of the card reward is "Yuan". If there is a decimal point in this reward item, it will be automatically settled to the charity reward.

​* If the site has network problems, the reward will be automatically transferred to the charity donation

Feel free to contact us via online reporting and we will assist you as soon as possible.

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